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Pecker mug



Pecker ring toss strap on

INFLATABLE STRAP ON RING TOSS GAME It's not a party until someone straps-on The Original Mr. Party Pecker! Perfect for bachelorette parties, birthdays, or girl's night out, this blow-up boner is worn around the waist and includes three inflatable rings. Take turns trying to sink the rings on Mr.Party Pecker's happy head-the girl who sinks the most rings wins! Who needs a male stripper? Mr.Party Pecker is the only hunk you'll ever need to have a good time! It's guaranteed to make 'em laugh!


Pecker shot glass



Pecker shotglass



Pecker slippers

PECKER SLIPPERS One size fits all.


Pecker veil

PECKER VEIL What's a bride is without her veil? This fun bachelorette veil is decorated with small peckers down the back and an easy to wear clip to affix to her hair. On the night of her party, no bride-to-be should go without this fun veil!


Penis chocolate mould

PENIS CHOCOLATE MOULD Add a little panash to your ganash with racy party molds


Penis Pasta

250g of Italian durum wheat Penis Pasta will form a healthy and delicious basis for a dinner party with a difference. Serve with meat balls or whatever takes your fancy.


Pin macho on man

PIN THE MACHO ON THE MAN Remember Pin the Tail on the Donkey? Now you can Pin the Macho on the MAN!! Perfect for your next bachelorette party, birthday party, office party or shower. See if you and your friends know where the macho is on a man! Contents include: 24x36 color poster of the Macho Man; 15 hilarious cartoon units with separate poems that will apply to every type of guest at the party; and 10 generic units (in case you want to use your own imagination).