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Anti bullshit spray

Whether they're always calling bullshit on the tall tales of others, or prone to talking it themselves, this handy, pump-spray Anti Bullshit air freshener makes a great novelty gift for anyone who often finds themselves in situation where the truth is questionable. Measuring 15cm high and containing a fresh garden melody scent to eliminate any trace of bullshit, Anti Bullshit Spray is great for the home or office, and can be refilled time and time again. Size: 15cm, 100ml bottle.


Anti stress banana

Anti-Stress Banana. 18cm.


Blah blah button

Blah Blah Button Fed up with listening to someone go on and on? Press the red button and end the misery. 8 different and hilarious versions of “blah blah blah” are played each time the button is pressed. Bored of the conversation? Then press the blah blah button, which also lights up, to stop the tedium expert in their tracks. Has an on/off function. Comes packed in an open box. Requires 2 x AAA batteries (included).


Boob egg fryer

Perfect for all kinds of kinky cuisine, fried eggs, perverted pizzas, pert pancakes and boobie burgers.


Book 69 uses for snoozy old

69 and Half Uses for a Snoozy Old Person Round the House Book


Book growing old

Old age comes to us all, but it doesnt mean we have to behave ourselves! This hilarious collection of illustrations by Silvey-Jex is sure to bring a smile to the face of those who the younger generation believe are past it! Softcover


Book love & passion for eld

A collection of bawdy cartoons for the elderly and elderly at heart! 64 pages. Soft cover. 19cm wide by 13cm tall.


Book the art of logging out

Need some relaxation but don't have the time? Know somebody that does? Nothing to entertain you whilst you poop? This hilarious toilet humour book is small enough to fit in most bags, allowing you to sit back on your throne and indulge in style (and stench). The art of logging out is all about switching off, shutting down and relaxing on the toilet with a good thought provoking book. This 96 page book will help you escape into tranquillity and rest your mind all whilst aiding you to re-energise, loosen your focus and your bowel too. This little blue book will make an entertaining gift all year round, perfect as a stocking filler, secret santa, funny birthday gift, or just a little everyday gift. "Why does opportunity always seem to knock at the most inopportune moment?" - The Art Of Logging Out Dimensions: 17 x 13 cm


Bull fundies

Have a go at teasing this bull and see what happens! If you're looking for a fun solution to all of your bedroom underwear woes, you should try on these Fundies. Just pull them up, ease your parts into the pouch and ensure the string is securely clenched between your cheeks, then you're ready to party. Squeeze his nose and he'll even let out a moo of excitement from the concealed speakers inside. What could be more alluring than that- Posing pouch with a bull on the front. Squeeze its nose and it neighs Jiggle about and enjoy its fun googly eyes and nose ring Batteries included Bull head 22cm tall


Candy bra

To be sweet and sexy, slip into this edible Candy Bra. Elastic holds the candy in place and one size fits most. Tell your lover you are now fat free and delectably delicious.


Candy g-string

Strictly for adults and comes with just over 300 pieces of candy. The phrase "naughty but nice" springs to mind. The elastic allows the G-String to stretch, so ladies of all shapes and sizes can wear this product.


Candy posing pouch

Novelty Edible Posing Pouch Eat your way through to the real treat! Fun Naughty gift for any occasion