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Beer pong drinking game



Champagne pong



Drinking roulette

Drinking Roulette Fun roulette themed drinking game Includes 16 glasses with built in glass holders Shot glass volume approx. 25ml (0.9oz) Shot Roulette measures approx. 31cm x 31cm x 6cm Please try to drink responsibly!


Funfingers beer pong

All that’s needed for a miniature or travel version of Beer Pong. Take it in turns to bounce the ball into a cup then your opponent has to drink the contents of that cup. Remove that cup and then go again. • Bounce the ball into a cup • Opponent drinks the contents if your shot is successful • Includes 7 cups and 3 ping-pong balls


Inflatable beer pong hat

Includes: One inflatable Hat 6 Beer Pong Cups 1 beer pong ball Dimensions: 43 x 38.5 x 5.5cm


Snakes and bladdered

In this grown up version, the snakes remain, however the ladders have been replaced with Truth & Dare squares which requires you to either fess up or drink up. Plus the squares require you or a nominated friend to down a single or double shot. Unlike the child's game where your counter is a little round disc, the Snakes and Bladdered game counter is a shot glass. Ultimately what you do is race around the board, first player to reach the end wins. As with all board games involving snakes, ladders and dice there's a big element of luck. Ideal gift for the bride groom or best man for that all important Stag weekend or boys night out or indeed, boys night in! Game Contents: Solid Snakes & Bladdered drinking game Game based on snakes and ladders Contains 4 piece glass board, 2 clear plastic die and 6 shot glasses Glasses contain Solid logo Glasses and board requires hand wash – not dishwasher safe.


Spin the bottle

Spin the Bottle A drinking version of the classic Spin the bottle game. A fast-moving and fun drinking game guaranteed to get the party going with a swig! The rules couldn’t be easier. Your party guests take turns to spin the bottle and then undertake the challenge that the bottle points to when it stops. Important: Make sure everyone’s glass is full before you begin – no matter what they're drinking! The benefits of the game are plain for all to see. Firstly, you can start right away and secondly, you need little imagination to participate –the spinner tells you precisely what lies in store for you! Each game colour boxed.