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Champagne pong



Drinking noughts & crosses

Classic noughts and cross game with traditional pieces replaced by shot glasses. The set includes four shot glasses marked with a cross and five marked with a nought. Fill each glass and play the game as normal, trying to line up a straight of three noughts or crosses. There are a variety of drinking penalties for the loser, such as drinking every shot on the board, or just the three winning pieces. In the event of a tie, both players drink. The nine glass set includes a glass playing board with cushioned feet on each corner. Drink version of noughts and crosses. Four cross shot glasses and five nought shot glasses. Glass play board with cushioned feet. Drinking penalties for the loser. Packaged in a box with a carry handle. 19.5cm.


Flip cup

Can you imagine if all of life's problems were solved with a swig of light beer and the toss of a solo cup? Flip and chug your way through this finger flickin' fun game and get the party started but be warning if you lose you'll have to complete one of the challenges.


Gin pong drinking game

We've all heard of beer pong but what about gin pong?! Fill the cups with gin and tonic, the first one to clear the opponent's cups is the Ginner! This set would be perfect for those who love to drink and love gin! Pack contents: 12 x plastic cups. 4 x ping pong balls. If it lands inside, they drink! First one to clear the opponent's cups is the Ginner! Age suitability: 18+ years & up.


Prosecco drinking game

Get the party started with a bubbly twist on the classic game of beer pong! Look effortlessly classy without sacrificing fun! Perfect for prosecco drinkers but you can fill with any drink of your choice! Includes 12 plastic coupe glasses, 6 pink ping pong balls and instructions. Please drink responsibly.


Spin the bottle drinking game

Puts a wheel-of-fortune and drinking spin on the classic party game. Features a green bottle-shaped spinner for authenticity. Includes 8 different outcomes. 18.0(L) x 6.0(W) x 6.0(H) cm.


Tic tac toe drinking game

Get drink, drank, drunk with a classic game of Tic Tac Toe! Play in teams, or one-on-one, it's naughts and crosses with a fun alcoholic twist! Comes with 5 blue 'crosses' cups, 5 red 'noughts' cups and 1 Tic Tac Toe fabric board. Dimensions (approx. cm): 9 x 9 x 16.5 (L x W x H).