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#1 coach mug

Image on both sides of mug. Boxed. 400ml approx. 9cm tall. Microwave & Dishwasher safe.


100 ways to open a beer

Craving a beer but can’t find a bottle opener? These cards will teach you 100 different ways to open your beer without the need of a bottle opener.


3D badass boss mug

Show em who’s boss with this Bad A$$ mug. Dynamic 3D gun grip handle. Metallic gold foil paired with black for a bold colour combo. 18.6(L) x 9(W) x 11.5(H) cm. Colour box.


Alien ashtray

Galaxy-inspired ashtray that’s totally out of this world! Features weed leaf motifs and a bright green alien smoking a joint. Curved notches on the edge to rest your cigarettes. 9.5(L) x 9.5(W) x 8.5(H) cm.


AM PM mug/stemless glass set



Anti bullshit spray

Identify the source of Bullshit and spray vigorously! This handy 100ml floral scented air freshener has a spray nozzle and is easy to use. It will combat even the stiffest of challenges!


Arse/face soap

The scented soap that tells you were to stick it. The white side is for the face and the brown for the arse. Keeps it all nice and hygienic. 9(L) x 5.5(W) x 2(H) cm. Colour window box


Ashes to ashes salt & pepper

This gothic cruet set includes a white ceramic cruet with the text 'Ashes to Ashes' and a black cruet with the text 'Dust to Dust'. Perfect for salt and pepper. H:10 x W:5 x D:5 cm.


Avocado 3D mug

Smashing 3D mug shaped like an avocado! Features rounded pit that sticks out like the real fruit. Perfect for someone with a passion for avocado toast. Not microwave or dishwasher safe. 15.0(L) x 11.0(W) x 11.0(H) cm.


Baldys buffer

Simply buff up the bald area to create a beautiful sheen! Get the gleam with this special hairbrush for the follically challenged. Now bald men can proudly buff up their bald patch as part of their daily routine. The Baldy’s Buffer is a wooden paddle brush with a special buffing patch.


Ballz up party game

Hilarious ball-and-cup party game that gets your heart rate up! Put it around your waist and THRUST. Comes with plastic tub, elastic band, ball on string. 12.0(L) x 12.0(W) x 12.0(H) cm.