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Auto bottle opener

New Version fantastic pocket manual good grips bottle opener would impress you easily by professional grade durable stainless steel body, elegant classical appearance design, and powerful decaping ability. New stylish bottle popper with no wrist twist design is leading a perfect artistic way to pop off caps instead of church keychain by lever method, what good news for craft cap collector. Features: Material: Aluminum Easy to use, just push down and pop off Sticks with a magnet, twist the cap off effortlessly while the cap is caught at the bottom by a magnet Great for Bars, BBQ, parties, sporting events.


Best f*cking dad flask

Show your dad a little appreciation with this cheeky flask! Made from quality stainless steel. Holds 8oz / 235mL of your favourite booze. 9(L) x 2(W) x 13.5(H) cm.


Best f*cking dad stein

Show dad a little appreciation with this cheeky glass beer stein. Black decal reads ‘Best F*cking Dad’ above a moustache silhouette. Holds approximately 450mL of dad’s favourite booze. 7.50(L) x 7.50(W) x 15.0(H) cm.


Best friends stemless flute



Camo hip flask

Camo design flask featuring “What Drink?” in bold stencil letters. Made from quality stainless steel. Holds 8oz / 235mL of your favourite booze. 9(L) x 2(W) x 13.5(H) cm.


Champagne resealer

Keep opened bottles of champagne fresh for several days with the Bartender Champagne Resealer. Creating an absolute airtight seal, this stainless steel Champagne Resealer has a shockproof fit and is strong enough to allow bottles to be laid horizontally for storage.


Croc can cooler

Crocodile can cooler made from insulating vinyl. Features realistic scale texture and pointed teeth. Novelty can cooler designed as if croc is swallowing your drink! 10.20(L) x 10.30(W) x 12.60(H) cm.


Drinktionary beer stein

The drinking definition beer glass. Features 4 amusing definitions of various states of drunkenness. 13(L) x 8(W) x 14.80(H) cm. Open colour box.


F*ck you hip flask

Bottoms up! This cheeky flask has a secret message. Made from quality stainless steel. Holds 8oz/235ml of your favourite booze. 9(L) x 2(W) x 13.5(H) cm.


Gin set 10 piece

Gin will taste as pure as the distiller intended with this 10 Piece Gin Set by Bartender. A must have for any gin lover, this set features two ripple gin glasses, six high quality granite gin stones with a velvet storage bag, and stainless steel ice tongs. Made from high quality granite, the gin stones will cool your favourite drink with ease, without diluting the taste. Odourless and tasteless, when frozen, these stones will keep spirits (such as gin, whisky, rum and more), white wine, or soft drink cool, eliminating the need for ice cubes that melt. To use, simply place the stones in the freezer for at least four hours. When your drink is ready, pop two to three stones into your glass and enjoy.


Happy hour stemless flute