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Black sunnies w/rainbow lens

Moana Rd Sunnies - 50/50s - Black with Rainbow Reflective Lens.


Jandals black 37

Moana Rd wood look jandals - black. Size 37.


Sunnies aronui

Miriama Grace-Smith/Moana Rd - Aronui Sunnies.


Sunnies bamboo tube case

Moana Rd Sunnies Case Length of tube: 16.5cm. Diameter of lid: 6.5cm. Diameter of tube inner: 6cm.


Sunnies black w/black lens

Moana Rd 50/50s Sunnies - Black with Black Lens.


Sunnies blue w/striped arms

Moana Rd Sunnies - Blue w/striped arms


Sunnies bouncer green wood arm

Moana Rd Sunnies - Bouncer Green with Wood Arms.


Sunnies brown wood arms

Moana Rd Sunnies - 50/50s Brown with Wood Arms.


Sunnies dark w/green lens

Moana Rd Sunnies - 50/50s - Dark with Green Reflective Lens.


Sunnies green frames/lens

Moana Rd Green Frame/Wooden Sunnies