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Eugy tiger

Dodoland 3D Cardboard Tiger Model WIDTH:8.0 (cm). HEIGHT:16.0 (cm) .DEPTH:2.5 (cm).


Eurgy meerkat

Dodoland 3D Cardboard Meerkat Model WIDTH:8.0 (cm). HEIGHT:16.0 (cm) .DEPTH:2.5 (cm).


Flying bee

Set the Bee flying and then control it just by your hand! Clever induction technology means as soon as the Bee senses your hand it will fly up again. USB charging lead included. Features: A flying bee you control with your hand. Uses induction technology to sense your hand. As soon as it senses your hand it flies upwards. Rechargeable battery inside with USB recharging lead. Suitable for ages 8 & up.


Giant confetti balloon ball

Throw it, catch it, bounce it! Inflate like a balloon, play with like a ball! This giant balloon ball is filled with holographic confetti and is awesome fun and reusable. 2 assorted holographic glitter colours: Gold & Silver. Inflates up to 85cm


Kids trivia

What better way to get your kids excited about learning? Challenge them to find out who'll be the champion.


Music box pink panther

Tune: Pink Panther. Great packaging! Perfect for all ages!


Musicbox cant help falling in

Tune: Can’t Help Falling in Love Great packaging! Perfect for all ages!


Musicbox happy birthday

Tune: Happy Birthday. Great packaging! Perfect for all ages!