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Cat paw cushion

Adorable plush cushion shaped like a cat paw. Features fuzzy faux fur and 3D smooth velour paw pads. 25(L) x 12(W) x 22(H) cm.


Classic wire puzzles

ARE YOU UP FOR THE CHALLENGE? Test your skills with this set of 6 disentanglement puzzles! Can you separate the pieces and then put them back together again? 6 puzzles included. Degree of difficulty: Moderate. Puzzle solutions enclosed.


Cup stack challenge

Cup Stack Challenge Set of 12 hard plastic cups specially designed for competitive speed stacking. The set includes detailed instructions on how to put up and take down stacks of cups at high speed. This set has been inspired by the recent viral craze of speed stacking plastic cup pyramids, which has led to thousands of online videos depicting cup stacking speed attempts.


Giant confetti balloon ball

Throw it, catch it, bounce it! Inflate like a balloon, play with like a ball! This giant balloon ball is filled with holographic confetti and is awesome fun and reusable. 2 assorted holographic glitter colours: Gold & Silver. Inflates up to 85cm


Metal springy

Metal Springy A superb metal version of this timeless 1930's spring toy in fabulous packaging. Just like the original, this Metal Springy will walk down stairs or slopes. Stretches and then snaps back to shape. Endless addictive fiddling entertainment.


Mini springy

Miniature model of Tobar's popular and great value version of the classic toy. The loosely coiled, entirely metal, spring can be satisfyingly poured from hand to hand or generally fiddled with. The appeal is broad, and aside from its play value, Springy can even be used in scientific experiments and demonstrations. Assorted silver and bronze colours.


Music box pink panther

Tune: Pink Panther. Great packaging! Perfect for all ages!


Musicbox cant help falling in

Tune: Can’t Help Falling in Love Great packaging! Perfect for all ages!