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Alpaca smooshos pals

Cute alpaca cushion that feels like a squishy marshmallow! Made from super soft velour fabric. Check out our whole range of cuddly Smoosho’s Pals friends. 19.0(L) x 15.0(W) x 22.0(H) cm.


Create your own neon sign

Now you can create your very own Neon Sign with this clever kit. There are endless possibilities that can be created. Just bend the wire to your desired shape, attach the neon string, plug in the battery pack and your creation will light up before your eyes. Requires 2 x AA batteries not included. Inclues 2.7 metres of flexible neon wire.


Glow in the dark nee doh

NeeDoh is the Groovy Glob! NeeDoh is super soft, super stretchy and has the power to help you mellow out and find inner peace, tranquillity, and calm mindfulness! A great fidget toy that helps promote focus, attention, and centering. Recommended for 3+ years.


Grow a alpaca

Grow your very own adorable alpaca. Just place in water to make it grow. Grows up to 6 times in size in just 72 hours. Remove from water and the alpaca will shrink back down: so you can grow it again and again. Packaging: 16.5cmx10.5cm.


Grow a pug

Grow your very own Pug: just add water. As cute as the real thing: but without the expensive vet bills. Fun Pug Fact! A group of Pugs is called a Grumble. Packaging: 18cm x12cm.


Grow a unicorn

Unicorns are symbolic of magic miracles and purity. Ever dreamed of your own unicorn well why not grow one with this grow your own unicorn there’s no exercise required no grooming no feeding or picking up poop. This unicorn can grow up to six times their original size – when introduced to water but don’t let the fun stop there once removed from water the unicorn will shrink back so you can grow them over and over again!


Jewellery box ballerina

Musical jewellery box with draw - Ballerina.


Jumbo pug ball smoooshos

Jumbo-sized Smoosho ball for extra squish! Features an adorable pug design. Smoosho’s amazing squeezable texture makes your worries melt away. 10.0(L) x 10.0(W) x 10.0(H) cm.