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Bambi & thumper 75th anni

BAMBI & THUMPER 75TH ANNIVERSARY FIGURINE MEDIUM Size 14 CM In honour of Bambi's 75th Anniversary in 2017, pop artist Romero Britto has captured the fun and innocence of this beloved classic moment in a fresh, unexpected and totally modern way. *Available for a limited time*


Cheshire cat large figurine

Romero Britto and Disney present this colourful and quirky figurine of Alice in Wonderland's Cheshire Cat. Showing his signature mischievous grin, this "purrfect" portrayal of the cheeky Cheshire is ready to stir up some trouble at your place. Size: 14cm


Cheshire cat medium figurine

CHESHIRE CAT FIGURINE MEDIUM Size 14 CM Cheshire Cat and his signature big grin will win you over in this iconic Medium collectable figurine, adorned with signature Romero Britto pop art styling!


Daisy duck large figurine

DAISY DUCK FIGURINE LARGE Size 21 CM Daisy Duck has been given a spectacular Britto makeover! Daisy's stylish and fun personality can be seen in this magnificent piece with her signature bow atop her head, styled with a glittering silver glove, Daisy will delight any Disney collector! * Available for a limited time*


Dopey large figurine

DOPEY FIGURINE LARGE Size 21 CM Disney by Britto captures the fun and whimsy of Snow White's Dopey in the iconic bold and colourful designs of Romero Britto.


Dumbo flying figurine

DUMBO FLYING FIGURINE Size 18 CM See Dumbo the flying elephant as never seen before in this colorful interpretation by pop artist Romero Britto. There is some extra magic in that "diamond dusted" feather to help Dumbo soar.


Dumbo medium figurine

MEDIUM FIGURINE DUMBO Size 9CM International pop artist phenomena Romero Britto interprets Disneys most beloved characters in pint size works of art popping with bursts of colour and exquisite detail. Each character is presented in special window box packaging. Material: Stone Resin.


Eeyore large figurine

EEYORE FIGURINE LARGE Size 18 CM Gloomy Eeyore gets the Pop Art treatment of artist Romero Britto. Bursting with bright, bold colours Eeyore makes friends with a diamond dusted red glitter butterfly. Material: Stone resin


Eeyore medium figurine

EEYORE FIGURINE MEDIUM Size 10 CM Sitting at 10cm tall this Eeyore is looking adorably sheepish with his signature lovable stare! This Disney Britto range features all your favourite characters in a slightly smaller size and lower price but with even bigger smiles and personality than ever before. Collect them all!


Jaq & gus in teacup large

JAQ & GUS IN TEA CUP FIGURINE LARGE Size 12.5 CM Jaq and Gus perch themselves inside Lady Tremaine's tea cup as they scheme to get the key and rescue Cinderella. Designed by pop artist Romero Britto.


Lilo & stitch medium figurine

LILO & STITCH FIGURINE MEDIUM Size 13 CM What began as a unlikely pairing soon became a heart-warming union between an alien and a little girl. 'Ohana means family. Family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten'. The sentiments of family has been captured in this colourful Britto addition showcasing Lilo and Stitch in a warm embrace. * Available for a limited time*


Mickey holding heart

MICKEY MOUSE HOLDING SPINNING HEART SIZE: 21 CM Everybody's favourite mouse, Mickey is featured in this brightly painted Britto piece. Mickey is shown to be holding a heart, waiting to give it to his beloved Minnie. This figurine uses Romero's contemporary pop art elements to bring Mickey to life.


Mickey thinking med figurine

MICKEY THINKING MEDIUM FIGURINE Size 14.5 CM Disney's empire has been ruled by the unmistakable Mickey Mouse for over 90 years. His optimism shines brightly in this inquisitive, colourful piece by Romero Britto, full of spunk & pizazz. Mickey Mouse is made from resin with a high-gloss shiny finish.


Mickey tourist w/camera

BRITTO MICKEY TOURIST WITH CAMERA SIZE: 20CM “Mickey Tourist” from the Disney Britto combines classic Disney characters with pop art designs and captures Mickey Mouse in vibrant hand-painted detail. Accurate details handcrafted in high-quality stone resin


Mini alice in wonderland

BRITTO MINI ALICE IN WONDERLAND SIZE: 9.8CM Romero Britto has perfectly captured Alice's wide eyed innocence and whimsy in this mini figurine.


Mini cheshire cat standing

MINI FIGURINE - CHESHIRE CAT STANDING Size 9 CM Its tough to tell which is more mischievous, the Cheshire Cats notorious grin or Romero Brittos dynamic colour play. Britto treats this wily feline to a full sampling of vibrant hues and graphic patterns, encapsulating his outsized personality.


Mini figurine jiminy

MINI FIGURINE JIMMY Size 9 CM Jiminy Cricket, Disney's wise and most treasured character served as Pinocchio's trusty conscience and guide on his quest to become a real boy...


Mini figurine marie cat

MINI FIGURINE MARIE CAT Size 7.5 CM The little lady of the household, Marie is a curious white kitten who aspires to be an elegant lady like her mother, Duchess. In this charming piece, Marie...


Mini figurine minnie mouse

MINI FIGURINE MINNIE MOUSE Size: 9cm Even after so many years together, Mickey still makes Minnie giddy with excitement! This figurine shows a blushing and smiling Minnie who's eagerly waiting for...


Mini figurine minnie mouse

MINI FIGURINE MINNIE MOUSE Size 7.5 CM In a seated position, this miniature Minnie Mouse figurine is bursting with personality and bright and bold colours with unique pop art styling from...


Mini figurine simba sitting

MINI FIGURINE SIMBA SITTING Size 9 CM The prince of his pride, this little cub just can't wait to be king. Simba's fur has been decorated with a glorious range of colours and patterns, a quirky modern...


Mini figurine stitch

MINI FIGURINE STITCH Size 9 CM Experiment 626 was designed to be the ultimate bioweapon but was soon adopted as a new pet dog by a little girl named Lilo. This mischievous alien has...


Mini mickey holding heart

MINI FIGURINE MICKEY HOLDING HEART Size 9 CM Everybody's favourite mouse, Mickey is featured in this brightly painted Britto piece. Mickey is shown to be holding a heart, waiting to give it to his beloved...


Mini sorcerer mickey

BRITTO MINI FIGURINE SORCERER MICKEY Size 9.5 CM Sorcerer Mickey is really feeling the strength of his newfound powers. This glossy pop art approach to the classic Fantasia character is rendered in a wide spectrum of supercharged shades with stripes, dots, and squiggles enhancing its impish appeal.


Mini white rabbit

BRITTO MINI FIGURINE WHITE RABBIT Size 8 CM This delightful mini figurine portrays the endearingly eccentric White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland, ready to announce the Queen of Hearts. Make sure your collection stays up to date with this hurried rabbit!


Minnie mouse 90th anni

MINNIE MOUSE LARGE 90TH ANNIVERSARY FIGURINE WITH BLING Size 26 CM Wearing diamante-studded shoes,her signature polka dot dress with flowing skirt, over-sized bow, and of course, her smile, Minnie Mouse is ready to celebrate her 90th Anniversary. Standing at 26cm in height,this stunning piece, designed by Romero Britto, makes the perfect statement and is a must-have for collectors and young and old!


Simba mini figurine

MINI FIGURINE SIMBA Size 7 cm The Lion King Simba makes his debut appearance in the Disney By Britto brand. Romero Britto interprets Disney's most beloved characters in mini works of art, popping with bursts of colour and exquisite detail. Designed by pop artist Romero Britto. Size: 7cm H. Material: Stone resin.


Sorcerer mickey large figurine

SORCERER MICKEY MOUSE FIGURINE LARGE Size 23 CM Disney by Britto captures the fun and whimsy of Disney in the iconic, bold and colourful designs of Romero Britto. This iconic piece...


Sorcerer mickey XL fig

BRITTO MICKEY SORCERER XL SIZE: 38 CM Mickey Mouse collectible figurine. Cast in stone resin.


Steamboat willie large

BRITTO STEAMBOAT WILLIE SIZE 18CM A high - shine approach to Steamboat Willie's black and white persona, this glossy stone resin piece features "diamond dust" accents, graphic patterns, and a cherry red platform.