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Magnetic bottle opener

This is quite simply the finest fridge magnet in the world. It magnetically sticks to the front of your fridge and voila - effortlessly opens any beer bottle. Your days of sorting through the kitchen drawers to find where your partner has hidden the corkscrew is a thing of the past. The bottle opener is constructed from stainless steel and has a rubberised magnetic back which sticks firmly to your fridge.


Pick up sips

Do you have a steady hand? Well you’re going to need one for this game. Each stick you pick will determine who drinks next, so whatever you do, don’t bottle it.


Port sippers set 2

Enjoy sipping your favourite port with the Bartender Set of 4 Hand Blown Port Sippers! Made of handblown glass and are designed to perfectly fit in your hand, where the port is warmed by your palm. The glasses add aeration to the port, making the taste fresher while bringing out its hidden flavours. The set comes in a gift box, which makes it a perfect gift for your friends and family who loves wine! Care Instructions: Handwash Only. Specifications: Set of 4. Size: Approx. 9cm(H) x 6.5cm(D)


Real girls drink beer glass

Real Girls Drink Beer Tallulah Aurora Pilsner Glass. Dazzle & down your beer with sass! Hand-blown pilsner glass with a gorgeous iridescent sheen Features a metallic hot pink decal that says ‘Real Girls Drink Beer’. 7.0(L) x 7.0(W) x 22.0(H) cm


Ring of fire

This game isn’t for the faint-hearted, play at your own risk with friends and family. Whatever you do, don’t be the last one to drink from the king’s cup!


S/S cocktail strainer

Bar/Hawthorn Strainer - 160mm


Snakes and bladdered

In this grown up version, the snakes remain, however the ladders have been replaced with Truth & Dare squares which requires you to either fess up or drink up. Plus the squares require you or a nominated friend to down a single or double shot. Unlike the child's game where your counter is a little round disc, the Snakes and Bladdered game counter is a shot glass. Ultimately what you do is race around the board, first player to reach the end wins. As with all board games involving snakes, ladders and dice there's a big element of luck. Ideal gift for the bride groom or best man for that all important Stag weekend or boys night out or indeed, boys night in! Game Contents: Solid Snakes & Bladdered drinking game Game based on snakes and ladders Contains 4 piece glass board, 2 clear plastic die and 6 shot glasses Glasses contain Solid logo Glasses and board requires hand wash – not dishwasher safe.


Stainless Steel double wall cocktail shaker

Create your favourite cocktails with ease and flair without condensation building up on your shaker or hands going numb in the process. Utilising a double wall shaker body, the professional Bartender 500ml Double Wall Cocktail Shaker is an essential for every home bar. Made from high-quality 18/8 stainless steel, this 3 piece Cobbler shaker includes a quality stainless steel double wall shaker, a lid with built-in strainer, and a cap to cover strainer holes while shaking.


Tube shooters

Tube Shooters Excellent for any party! 6 bright and colourful plastic shot glasses, shaped like test tubes! Each holds 25ml of liquid and sits in a black plastic test tube rack, making preparation, serving and refills an easy and impressive task! Each tube measures approximately 2.2cm x 11 cm x 2.2 cm.


Waiters corkscrew Stainless steel

The unique hinged lever system easily extracts the toughest corks and draws them straight up without bending or breaking off inside the bottle. After screwing in the worm, the handle is raised, lifting the cork, the second position on the hinged lever then swings into place and by raising the handle a second time, the cork is quickly removed. *Stainless Steel body *Hardened steel wormDual lever system *Measures approx. 12cm in length (when folded up)


Wall mounted bottle opener

Bartender Wall Mounted Bottle Opener. An essential tool for any professional or Home Bar.


Whisky rocks

Whisky Stones – better than ice! What a great gift idea for the whiskey connoisseur. So simple to use, just chill these rocks in your freezer for a few hours before popping them in your favourite dram. No watering down of your whiskey or other spirits occurs when using these whiskey rocks. Definitely “on the rocks” drinking! Beautifully presented in a gift box and also comes with a drawstring bag for storage when not in use. Includes 9 whiskey rocks.