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Nag champa perfume oil

Kamini Nag Champa Roll on Perfume Oil 8.5ml


Necklace/earring stand brown



Necklace/earring stand cream



Patchouli perfume oil

Kamini Patchouli Roll on Perfume Oil 8.5ml - A popular fragrance since ancient times. Patchouli is an aphrodisiac.


Propolis/lavendar soap

Germs Away Propolis and Lavender Soap 100g. Made by Kiwis to naturally and effectively protect Kiwi families. A refreshingly scented range of soaps made right here in New Zealand with naturally antibacterial ingredients. Soap is simply the best! Contains the antibacterial qualities of New Zealand Propolis and Lavender flower essential oil. Both renowned for their outstanding ability to eliminate bacteria, those harmful germs will be removed from your skin with every wash. Remember the 20-second hand-washing rule, to ensure effective protection.


Rotorua mud body lotion

ROTORUA MUD Body Lotion with Jasmine & Orange Blossom 250ml This is a softening lotion for use all over the body. Applied after a shower or bath, or whenever desired, this silky smooth body lotion keeps the skin supple and moisturised. Beneficial natural minerals and trace elements are provided by the pure geothermal mud from Rotorua. Jasmine and Orange Blossom are both essential oils which deliver dry skin relief and an uplifting natural fragrance. This is an all overindulgence to leave the skin feeling silky smooth and pampered.


Rotorua mud gift pack

ROTORUA MUD Face Pack & Soap Gift Pack Gift pack includes Rotorua Mud Face Pack and Soap Rotorua Mud Face Pack with Manuka Honey The ultimate treatment for your skin. These face packs contain the absolute maximum content of Rotorua’s geothermal mud in its purest form and are enhanced with Manuka Honey 80+. The mud is creamy and velvety smooth and full of highly concentrated natural minerals to make it extremely therapeutic as well as detoxifying, purifying, healing and also remineralising. When combined with the powerful antibacterial and antioxidant properties of Manuka Honey 80+, it works to deeply cleanse the skin and restore tone and vitality so that your complexion is noticeably refreshed and revived. Rotorua Mud Guest Soap 40g This is a gentle soap containing a very high percentage of geothermal mud from Rotorua which is rich in naturally occurring essential minerals and trace elements to help cleanse, protect, heal and soothe the skin. Combined with New Zealand Manuka Honey which has natural healing properties, this soap is an ideal cleanser suitable for all skin conditions as it helps combat unwanted bacteria on the skin, often the cause of many skin infections. Suitable for use on the face as well as body.


Rotorua mud guest soap

ROTORUA MUD Guest Soap 40g A gentle soap that also contains a very high percentage of geothermal mud from Rotorua which will help cleanse, protect, heal and soothe the skin. It lathers beautifully even in the hardest of waters and is ideal for use on both the face and body. Regular use deeply cleanses and enriches the skin with all the therapeutic properties of thermal mud. This soap is an ideal cleanser suitable for all skin conditions as it helps combat unwanted bacteria on the skin, often the cause of many skin infections.


Rotorua mud hand creme

ROTORUA MUD Hand Creme with Green Tea & Chamomile 85g This is an intensive moisturising hand crème containing geothermal mud from Rotorua which is very therapeutic and full of highly concentrated natural minerals. It also has healing, remineralising, antiseptic and antibacterial properties. Antioxidant-rich Green Tea, which assists in cell renewal, along with Chamomile, which is a soothing plant extract that helps calm irritated and inflamed skin, further enhances this hand crème. Easily absorbed into the skin, it will soothe and repair rough and dry damaged hands. Whilst our other Wild Ferns hand crèmes are commonly referred to as a barrier crème, please note that this Rotorua Mud Hand Crème does not fall into this category. However, it is exceptional as a moisturising and repairing hand crème.


Rotorua mud mask

ROTORUA MUD Face Mask with Aloe Vera & Cucumber 80ml This is a re-energising, peelable facial mask containing pure mineral-rich geothermal mud from Rotorua which is extremely therapeutic, as well as detoxifying and purifying. It is also blended with Aloe Vera which has soothing, healing properties, which assist the cell renewal processes and Cucumber which has a mild astringent effect to refine skin texture. This combination gently penetrates the skins outermost layers to lift away impurities and dead skin cells. The result is a refreshed, revived complexion with restored tone and elasticity.


Rotorua mud moisturiser

ROTORUA MUD Facial Moisturiser with Calendula & Rose Hip Oil 75ml Moisturisers hold water in the skin and keep the outer layers plumped. As we age, the production of sebum, the skin's natural moisturiser, slows down and our skin starts to become drier. A moisturiser will help seal in the moisture keeping it soft and more youthful. Ideal under makeup, this lightly textured moisturiser protects and nourishes your skin. As well as containing therapeutic minerals and trace elements, geothermal mud from Rotorua is also hydrating and soothing. The addition of restorative Calendula for skin renewal and Rose Hip Oil to fight ageing and sun damage further enhances the beneficial properties of this moisturiser. Add to a daily skincare routine and these natural ingredients will help to maintain the skin's moisture level and promote a youthful radiance.