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Mini dwarf sleepy

MINI FIGURINE DWARF SLEEPY. Size 8.5 CM. True to his nature, Sleepy is in the midst of dozing off in this spectacular Britto piece. Shades of green and pops of yellow has been added to this piece to help bring this tired dwarf to life.


Mini dwarf sneezy

MINI FIGURINE DWARF SNEEZY. Size 8 CM. Sneezy cannot catch a break! Due to his allergies, Sneezy is extremely prone to sneezing which often hinders his ability to speak. In this piece, Romero Britto has given Sneezy an amazing transformation by using his signature pop art style to bring this Disney character to life!


Mini figurine minnie mouse

MINI FIGURINE MINNIE MOUSE Size 7.5 CM In a seated position, this miniature Minnie Mouse figurine is bursting with personality and bright and bold colours with unique pop art styling from...


Mini figurine minnie mouse

MINI FIGURINE MINNIE MOUSE Size: 9cm Even after so many years together, Mickey still makes Minnie giddy with excitement! This figurine shows a blushing and smiling Minnie who's eagerly waiting for...


Mini figurine simba sitting

MINI FIGURINE SIMBA SITTING Size 9 CM The prince of his pride, this little cub just can't wait to be king. Simba's fur has been decorated with a glorious range of colours and patterns, a quirky modern...


Mini figurine stitch

Experiment 626 was designed to be the ultimate bioweapon but was soon adopted as a new pet dog by a little girl named Lilo. This mischievous alien has been given the Britto makeover with pops of colours and patterns detailing on Stitch's blue fur. An endearing piece for collectors and Disney fanatics.


Mini figurine tigger

Bouncing is what Tigger's do best! This charming miniature interpretation of Pooh's beloved friend Tigger is sure to delight Disney and Britto fans alike with his vibrant colours and patterns! Dimensions:H: 7.5cm


Mini mickey sorcerer

Sporting his magical hat and iconic cape, Disney?s famous Sorcerer Mickey from Fantastia has been given the pop art treatment thanks to Romero Britto in this miniature work of art. 9.5cm.


Mini sorcerer mickey

BRITTO MINI FIGURINE SORCERER MICKEY Size 9.5 CM Sorcerer Mickey is really feeling the strength of his newfound powers. This glossy pop art approach to the classic Fantasia character is rendered in a wide spectrum of supercharged shades with stripes, dots, and squiggles enhancing its impish appeal.


Oswald large figurine

OSWALD LARGE FIGURINE. Size 20.5 CM. Take a step back into time with Disney's classic lucky rabbit, Oswald. This figurine has been hand-painted black and white, nostalgic of black and white films. A touch of red has been added to the bouquet of flowers that Oswald is holding, bringing a contemporary yet classic feel to the piece.


Simba mini figurine

MINI FIGURINE SIMBA Size 7 cm The Lion King Simba makes his debut appearance in the Disney By Britto brand. Romero Britto interprets Disney's most beloved characters in mini works of art, popping with bursts of colour and exquisite detail. Designed by pop artist Romero Britto. Size: 7cm H. Material: Stone resin.


Snow white large figurine

A vivid contemporary take on the classic Disney princess, Snow White through artist Romero Britto's eyes. 'Magic mirror, on the wall ? who is the fairest one of all', this figurine features Snow White wearing a colourful painted court dress and holding a basket full of flowers. 20cm.