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Dad cheers stemless glass

Dad Cheers Stemless Glass. 450 ml - Dad, you are the Best! Cheers to that!


Dads garden plaque

H:7 x W:19 x D:1 cm Beautiful and stylish terracotta hanging sign featuring the words 'Dad's Garden'. This item would be a lovely gift for any dad who is proud of his green thumb.


Dads tool station wall hook

H:13 x W:20 x D:4 cm. This hanging hook makes the perfect place for dads to hang their tool shed necessities. Features three hooks for keeping garden gloves, tape measures, aprons, and other tools close at hand. Hooks come mounted on an MDF base with text that reads, 'Dad's tool station. Put everything back where you found it' with two back hangers for easily adding to a shed wall.


Dads workshop sign

H:30 x W:20 cm - This fun metal sign is the perfect gift for Dad. Featuring the wording 'Dad's Workshop' the sign has a list of all things that Dad can fix. The sign has a rope handle fixed to the top for easy hanging.


Dartboard coasters set 6

Dartboard Coasters. Dimensions: 10 x 10 cm (Length x Width). DESCRIPTION: 6 Coasters in set with holder.


Darts mug

10cm Darts Mug


Desk bell ring for beer

Ring For A Pint Table Bell 85mm Featuring our colour table bell which come with printed text. Makes a great addition to your theme parties and more.


Drinktionary beer stein

The drinking definition beer glass. Features 4 amusing definitions of various states of drunkenness. 13(L) x 8(W) x 14.80(H) cm. Open colour box.


Earth stress ball

The weight of the world on your shoulders just got lighter. This geographical stress ball will help you relax after a hard day or even get you through this one. Day dream of all the magical, mystical places on this earth, then squish it! World class stress reliever. Also improves circulation and releases muscular tension. Great for rehabilitation. Soft and safe, great first ball for kids.


Fart fan

Chances are that you have at least one co-worker who has the tendency to “let one rip” at the office. Hopefully you don’t work in a cramped cubicle without any windows, because that would not be fun. Either way this is the solution to all those odour problems This is a hand held battery operated fan perfect for blowing away those hideous fart smells that make your day that little bit more unbearable. No need to just hold your breath and make yourself dizzy anymore simply blow the smell away. Perfect gift or present for your Uncle Nephew Brother Boyfriend Husband Dad.


Father definition mug

The perfect gift to show dad that he’s the perfect mix of awesome and embarrassing. Classy but a little bit cheeky, just like dad. High quality ceramic coffee mug. 8(L) x 8(W) x 9.50 (H) cm Colour box