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Fern 2 tone rectangle

2Tone Rectangle: Fern - Art Panel. Made in New Zealand. Brushed Copper & Black ACM. Suitable for indoor/outdoor use. Lightweight and will not warp or rust. Size: 275mm x 300mmH. Ready to hang.


Fern aotearoa LED block

Silver Fern LED Wooden Block. H:15 x W:15 x D:4 cm Natural Wooden LED Block. The Silver Fern is native to New Zealand. It is an accepted symbol of New Zealand’s national identity. The fern symbol’s associated with our national sports teams and the armed forces.


Fern card holder

White on black cardholder with New Zealand and Fern. RFID scanning. Opens to display 6 tear proof PVC pocket that fits up to 12 cards. Ultra slim and lightweight. Crush and waterproof.


Fern trinket box

Fern - Trinket Box. 80mm x 80mm x 40mm. Made in New Zealand.


Fish hook LED block

Fish Hook LED Wooden Block. H:15 x W:15 x D:4 cm Natural Wooden LED Block. A hei matau (Fish hook) is a bone or greenstone carving in the shape of a highly stylised fish hook. They represent strength, good luck and safe travel across water.


Fish hook wine stopper

Fish Hook Wine Stopper - The fish hook symbol is said to represent prosperity and safe travel over water.


Fish pot stand

The fish pot stand is joined with rope and makes a useful and attractive addition to your table or kitchen. Finished with an inlaid paua eye. This product is handcrafted from Rimu which is a native New Zealand timber. Box Dimensions:- 320/210/25mm


Frame black 3x3 paua

Black 2 Window Frame - Paua Motif. 3x3.


Frame triple paua

Triple Paua Frame - 30cm x 19cm. Hook - Koru - Twist. The Koru is based on ther opening of the fern leaf. The design stands for new beginnings, growth & harmony. The Twist represents the bonding of friendships where 2 lives become one. The Hook is based on the hook Maui used to fish New Zealand from the sea. Is said to give strength and provide safety over water. Made in New Zealand.


Frame white 5x7 paua

Classic Paua Motif Photo Frame - 5x7 White.


Framed bone toki

Framed carving bone/paua shell Toki. Toki is the Maori symbol of strength. This symbol represents determination, control and strength. 29cm x 16.5cm.


Garden secateurs tui splendour

NZ Inspired printed secateurs is a must have item for your gardening activity. Easy grip handles. Garden in style. Material: Aluminium alloy.