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Boobie shotglass



Boobie squirt gun

Boobie-shaped “water pistol” fires water or beverage of choice impressive distances from both nipples.


Boobs rude mug

This very cheeky & rude mug is a great gift idea. Simple white with fun metallic gold details, it looks like a simple & sleek design from afar. But get up close and celebrate boobies in all their glory!


Breast mug



Bride to be set pink

Kit includes a bride to be wand, learners plate badge and devil headband with veil. Perfect accessory set for a hens night. One size fits most. 28(L) x 28(W) x 2(H) cm


Bull fundies

Have a go at teasing this bull and see what happens! If you're looking for a fun solution to all of your bedroom underwear woes, you should try on these Fundies. Just pull them up, ease your parts into the pouch and ensure the string is securely clenched between your cheeks, then you're ready to party. Squeeze his nose and he'll even let out a moo of excitement from the concealed speakers inside. What could be more alluring than that- Posing pouch with a bull on the front. Squeeze its nose and it neighs Jiggle about and enjoy its fun googly eyes and nose ring Batteries included Bull head 22cm tall


Bullshit button

We've all got that one friend who likes to stretch the truth, so next time you smell something not quite right, you know what to do. Features: Bullshit Button. Colour: Red. Lights up and responds with 1 of 6 different bullshit responses. Battery: 2 x AAA (included). Dimensions (approx. cm): 8 (L) x 8 (W) x 55 (H).


Busy bee mug

Busy Bee Mug