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Lemongrass oil 10ml

Kamini Aroma Oil Lemongrass 10ml


Lots of skulls mug

Lots of Skulls Mug. Size: 15x9x11.5CM


Lotus incense 20gm

The lotus symbolizes the spiritual - living in water but not submerged. Hand rolled in India. 20grams


Meditation satya incense

Satya Meditation 15gm - Part of the Earth Series fragrance from Shrinivas Sugandhalaya Banglore.


Michael jackson skull

16cm Michael Jackson Skull


Money drawing incense 20gm

Money Drawing Incense Sticks. Hand rolled in India. 20 grams.


Moon incense 20gm

Moon Incense Sticks. Hand rolled in India. 20 grams.


Mystical gift pack

20 gram Anne Stokes Incense Sticks Gift Pack from the Mystical incense range. It includes one hexagonal pack of each Mystical incense - six in total. It includes Gothic Prayer - Dragon Beauty - Angel Rose - Aracnafaria - Protector - Immortal Flight.


Mystical moon oil burner

H:10 x W:9 x D:9 cm - This black ceramic oil burner features a cut-out crescent moon and star design with a cool, matt finish. Compatible with both fragrance oil and wax.


Nag champa room spray 30ml

Nag Champa Room Spray 30ml. Genuine Satya Nag Champa Air Freshener Room Spray. The Nag Champa blend can be used to sanctify or purify a space and is a good aid to meditation or deep relaxation.


Nag champa super hit 40gm

Nag Champa Super hit 40gm. Each stick is about a gram, and burns for 45 minutes. Satya SUPER HIT Incense is made from mixture of herbs, floral extracts and oils, which are hand rolled onto a bamboo stick.