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Grey home oil burner

H:12 x W:10 x D:10 cm. This grey ceramic oil burner features a cut-out heart and 'home' text in a cute, contemporary design. Place fragrance oil or wax melts into the built-in dish with a standard tealight inside to fill the home with calming fragrance.


Hari om incense 20gm

Hari Om Incense. Hand rolled in India. 20 grams.


Harmony sage smudge stick

Hand-bound sage smudge stick made of white sage leaves and stems, with a blend of dried carnations for harmony Cleanse and purify your space with its sweet aromatic scent. Made in the USA. 11(L) x 2(W) x 2(H) cm.


Inferno flames skull

Inferno Flames Skull. H:12 x W:10.5 x D:15 cm - Sunken eye sockets and nasal aperture a deep black, this grinning skull is covered with a deep orange and yellow flame print.


Inspire me insight cards

Calm your mind, look inside yourself and attract the answers you seek. Featuring exquisite macro and abstract photography, shimmering foil details, and heart, our Insight Cards are the perfect guide for your personal journey of self-discovery.


Jasmine incense 20gm

Jasmine Incense. Hand rolled in India. 20 grams


Kama buddha sticks 30g

The Original Indian Love oil Kama Buddha Sticks


Lavender incense 20gm

Lavender from the latin "lavare" meaning to wash, has been used as a purifying and soothing fragrance since Roman times. Hand rolled in India. 20 grams.


Lavender oil 10ml

Kamini Aroma Oil Lavender 10ml


Lemongrass incense 20gm

Lemon Grass Incense Sticks. Hand rolled in India. 20 grams.