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Oil burner hearts

Oil Burner Hearts. Size: 9xx9x10.3CM.


Opium incense 20gm

Opium Incense. Hand rolled in India. 20 grams.


Pagan magic incense 20gm

Pagan Madic Incense Sticks. Pagan Magic is a healing and magical scent. This natural incense is hand rolled in India using sacred woods, fragrant resins and herbs. It will purify and balance any magical or ritual space. Burn it in ritual or burn it to relax in the evening before meditating. 20 grams.


Palo santo incense 15gm

Green Tree Palo Santo Incense 15gm.


Palo santo/white sage pack

Palo Santo & White Sage - A combination pack of 1 of each stick. Palo Santo wood has a unique and pleasantly sweet aroma in its natural form. White Sage is prized for its rich aromatic properties. When either is burned, the smoke is said to clear the air of negative energy. Our Palo Santo is sourced from Ecuador and our White Sage from California.


Patchouli incense 20gm

A popular fragrance since ancient times, Patchouli is an aphrodisiac. It came back into vogue in the 60s and continues to be very popular. Hand rolled in India. 20 grams


Patchouli oil 10ml

Kamini Aroma Oil Patchouli 10ml


Pebble backflow incense burner

H:9 x W:14 x D:10cm. A stunningly simple resin backflow incense burner in a small stacked pebble design. When the cone is lit the smoke from the cone cascades downwards in a mesmerising waterfall effect to pool at the bottom.


Romantic rose incense 20gm

This beautiful fragrance is said to be good for easing worry and to inspire optimism and confidence. Also inspires passion and romance. Hand rolled in India. 20 grams


Romantic rose oil 10ml

Kamini Aroma Oil Romantic Rose 10ml


Sandal & musk incense 20gm

Sandal & Musk Incense Sticks. A mysterious, alluring & sensual scent. Hand rolled in India. 20 grams. A


Sandalwood incense 20gm

Sandalwood Incense. Handrolled in India. 20 grams.