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Song of india aroma incense

Song of India Aroma Temple An essence of divinity holiness and purity - that's what you smell when you light an Aroma Temple. The subtle yet distinctive fragrance works like a charm to soothe your senses and create the perfect meditative ambience.


The magic gate tarot deck

"THE MAGIC GATE TAROT" Deck of 78 cards with 22 major arcana and 56 minor arcana. Artwork by Vera Petruk.


The power is yours cards

Calm your mind, look inside yourself and attract the answers you seek. Featuring exquisite macro and abstract photography, shimmering foil details, and heart, our Insight Cards are the perfect guide for your personal journey of self-discovery.


Tranquility incense 20gm

Tranquility Incense Sticks. A calming fragrance hand made using aromatic resins, flowers and oils. Use this scent to create an atmosphere conductive for contemplation and relaxation. Hand rolled in India. 20 grams.


Tree of life incense 20gm

Tree of Life Incense Sticks. Hand rolled in India. 20 grams


Vampire blood incense sticks

Step into the mysterious world of nocturnal allure with these vampire blood scented incense sticks – a captivating blend that transcends the ordinary. With 30 high-quality incense sticks in each pack you can elevate your ritual, meditation, or simply add an air of mysticism to your surroundings. Presented in a fitting coffin shaped box along with a coffin shaped incense stick holder. H:9.5 x W:2.5 x D:21.5 cm.


Vanilla incense 20gm

Vanilla Incense Sticks. Vanilla with its strong sweet notes will spiceup your living environment. Hand rolled in India. 20 grams.


Vanilla oil 10ml

Kamini Aroma Oil Vanilla 10ml


Violet incense 20gm

Violet Incense. Handed rolled in India. 20grams.


White cat oil burner

This charming white cat oil burner, a perfect gift for cat enthusiasts. When not in use, this item also looks fantastic as an ornament in the home. Additionally this item can also be used as a incense cone burner or as a wax melt burner. H:12.5x W:11.5 x D:9.5 cm.


White sage backflow cones

14 Backflow Cones. Non Toxic,. No Animal By-Products. No Child Labour Used, Environment Friendly. Made with an aromatic blend of specially selected exotic spices, oils and resins, It creates a refreshing atmosphere. Enjoy the fragrance and achieve Bliss. Made In India.


White sage incense 20gm

White Sage Incense Sticks. A purifying scent said to absorb negativity & misfortune. Hand rolled in India. 20 grams.