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Broom parking sign

H:39 x W:25 x D:1 cm - This magic-inspired design makes a great Halloween decoration or humourous every day sign for anyone that believes they're a bit of a witch!


Buddha gold triple c/holder

Reclining Buddha Gold Triple Candle Holder 53x36.50x38cm


Bullet head skull

15cm Bullet Head Skull


Coconut incense 20gm

Kamini Aromatics produce a high quality hand rolled incense from India. Excellent range of incense fragrances. Coconut with its strong sweet notes will spiceup your living environment.


Divine guidance insight cards

Affirmations can change your life for the better. Be refreshed and inspired with these simply beautiful Daily Affirmations written by Kris Franken. Each card holds an original and positive mantra to help you find purpose, contentment and joy. They can be used as a part of a daily ritual, while journaling, after meditation, before bed or to inspire group conversations.


Dragon with castle

H:19 x W:10.5 x D:19.5 cm Cast from a high quality resin and hand painted.


Dragon with glass ball

H:13 x W:9.5 x D:14.5 cm Cast from a high quality resin and hand painted.


Dragon/skull blue

Dragon Holding Skull Blue 19x13cm


Dragon/skull green

Dragon Holding Skull Green 19x13cm


Dragons blood incense 20gm

An ancient incense derived from tree resin, used for love, protection and exorcising negative energies. This powerful cleansing fragrance brings balance and clarity wherever used. Hand rolled in India. 20 grams.


Dream sage smudge stick

Hand-bound sage smudge stick made of white sage leaves and stems, with a black charm lily petal for peaceful dreams. Cleanse and purify your space with its sweet aromatic scent. Made in the USA. 11(L) x 2(W) x 2(H) cm.


Elephant w/mosaic

Elephant Figurine with Mosaic 20.50x8.50x19.50 cm