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Hands free fan white

Personal hands-free cooling fan. Three different speeds and adjustable directions. Rechargeable with charging cable included.


Happy man bottle opener

He will pop your top off! Functional, novelty bottle opener with a!


Happy man bottle stopper

Just pop him in! Fits almost any wine or spirit bottle. Functional, novelty bottle stopper with a!


Hearing aid

Know someone who refuses to believe they are going deaf? Give them the hint and send them a set of these! These Big ears are a consistently good seller and will put a smile on the face of any old person…just check out how happy the old boss was in the picture!


Hip hop trivia

Think you know Hip Hop? Well this is the quiz for you! Find out who's the real G.O.A.T!


Horse fundies

Have a go at teasing this horse and see what happens! If you're looking for a fun solution to all of your bedroom underwear woes, you should try on these Fundies. Just pull them up, ease your parts into the pouch and ensure the string is securely clenched between your cheeks, then you're ready to party. Squeeze his nose and he'll even let out a horsey squeal of excitement from the concealed speakers inside. What could be more alluring than that? Posing pouch with a horse on the front Squeeze its nose and it neighs Jiggle about and enjoy its fun googly eyes Batteries included Horses head 20cm tall


Hot flush alert fan

She's a lady of a certain age, she's still hot, but now it's just the flushes! Our new electric handheld fan is just the ticket for women who suffer from those overheated moments. Turn it on and enjoy the gentle breeze, whilst warning everyone else that this girl's having a 'moment', thanks to the red LED 'hot flush alert' message! Dimensions Depth: 10.60 cm Height: 3.40 cm Width: 5.70 cm


How to say I love you globally

Looking to tell your sweetheart how you feel no matter where you are in the world? These cards will teach you 100 ways to show your true feelings.


How to swear in sign language

Need a way to insult someone without saying a word? These 100 cards contain the best insults you can say with your hands.


Inflatable instant boob job

There's no pain and no knife needed for get an Inflatable Instant Boob Job! If you want the perfect peachy bossom when out and about, slip the Inflatable Instant Boob Job in your handbag and use as needed! Simply use the inflatable cups in your bra for immediate cleavage and uplift! Why stop there. From Beyonce's bum to Popeye's buging biceps, you'll have no end of uses for the Inflatable Instant Boob Job!


Inflatable zimmer frame

An inflatable walking frame for those over the hill folks you know! Poke fun at their advancing years! Product Features: - Just blow it up to get your instant zimmer frame! Measures 850mm x 550mm - life size! Not designed to support body weight; A great present for any oldie you know! Box Size: 200mm x 280mm x 55mm Zimmer Frame Size: 850mm x 550mm